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What is Value-Based Care?

Value-based care programs incentivize and reward physicians for the quality of care they provide, rather than amount of services. While CMS is driving the transition from fee-for-service (FFS) to value, many commercial payers have followed. The move to value-based care can be difficult for many reasons, from care delivery and culture changes, to a shift in technology needs, providers must operate in a way that rewards value over volume if they want to succeed.

Preventative Care

The objective of value-based care is to move the healthcare delivery system from reactive disease treatment to a proactive approach focusing on preventative care. Providers must now consider the patients entire healthcare experience across care settings and visits. In addition to changes in care delivery, providers are accountable for the total cost of care for their population, even if patients go out of network for services.

Population Health Management

As we move toward new reimbursement models, providers must acknowledge the value of patient data from clinical and claim sources. We help our clients transform patient information into actionable insights, so they can thrive in value-based models. Those who thrive are those who maximize shared savings, increase fee-for-service revenue, reduce unnecessary spending, and optimize their quality scores.

Lightbeam's Population Health Management platform streamlines operational workflows to simplify your value-based care experience.

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