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Solutions For Employers

Supporting your Goal of Having the Healthiest Workforce

Lightbeam helps you improve the overall health of your employees while reducing costs. As an employer, the productivity of your workforce is largely tied to their wellness and ability to contribute. Using our population health platform, you can identify opportunities to improve quality and avoid unnecessary cost across the employee population.

Improving Employee and Business Health

As value-based reimbursement becomes more prevalent, you need a strategy that connects information, services, and people so your company can optimize your workforce through a culture of wellness. Our solutions help lower healthcare costs by giving you the visibility needed to build a preferred provider network and identify employees who are in need of care.


  • Reduce cost of health plan expenditures
  • Improve health and productivity of employees
  • Identify high risk, high cost employees for care management
  • Engage your employees to improve overall wellness and prevention

Patient Impact

Using Lightbeam, Mohawk Industries was able to identify an employee who was past due for a mammogram, who was then diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.

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