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Solutions For Clinical Improvements

Lightbeam provides a unified, proven population health platform for progressive medical groups looking to improve their financial and clinical outcomes.

Optimize Quality Scores and Reporting

Whether your value-based contract is through the government or a commercial payer, every program involves a quality component and some element that measures specific key performance indicators. Quality measures and KPIs are used to demonstrate and benchmark the quality of care provided across populations. Lightbeam makes this process simple.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure
Our quality measure charts enable you to manage all your value-based contracts in one place. Our solution features configurable drill down capability, so you can quickly find gaps in care down to the patient level and maximize quality scores while keeping your patient population healthy.

Win the morning to win the day
Lightbeam automatically provides you with morning huddle reports based on your clinic schedule. Many clients use these morning huddle forms to facilitate meetings first thing in the day to delegate the completion of gaps in care to their support staff. Providers are informed of which patients coming in today are tied to value-based contracts, associated gaps in care, and what actions are required while the patient is in the exam room to close the gaps.

Complete, longitudinal patient summary
Lightbeam also automatically distributes a one page, patient-centric document to assist decision making at the point of care based on your schedule. The Patient Face Sheet shows not only gaps in care, but a clinical summary that consolidates available data on the patient from a variety of sources in the community. This powerful profile helps clients in their decision-making, giving them as much information on the patient as possible.

2016 MSSP ACO Quality Scores

Lightbeam clients had an average Quality Score of 99%, 5% higher than non-Lightbeam clients.

Reduce Unnecessary Utilization

Proactively engaging your patient populations with a focus on preventative and wellness services is crucial in reducing unnecessary utilization. Lightbeam gives you solutions to identify reduce ER utilization, readmissions, and other major utilization metrics.

Care Coordination Solutions
Lightbeam offers specific functionality to help you focus on specific groups of patients who, when managed appropriately, result in the improvement the patients’ quality of life tremendously. Our care management module connects you to your patients and drives quality outcomes to improve the overall health of your population.

Care Coordination & Transition of Care Management

  • Condition-specific Disease Management (COPD, CHF, etc.)
  • COPD
  • CHF
  • Inpatient Admissions
  • Re-Admissions
  • ER Utilizers
  • Transition of Care Management
  • ACG® High Risk Patients
  • Reclassify ESRD Beneficiaries