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Solutions For Accountable Care Organizations

Maximize Savings and Revenue while Delivering High Quality Care

Lightbeam provides the technology, process, and resources you need to meet the challenges of delivering high quality of care in shared savings models. Our ACO clients have generated over $300 million in savings while averaging 99% in quality scores.

The ACO Advantage

Being part of an ACO provides opportunities to learn how to effectively manage population health while avoiding unnecessary penalties in value-based care. Our population health management solutions focus on:

  • Closing gaps in care at the point of care
  • Identifying and managing high-cost, high-risk patients in all care settings
  • Coordinating care across the ACO networks
  • Reducing patient leakage
  • Streamlining GPRO reporting

Maximize Shared Savings

Lightbeam helps you earn more on your shared savings through improving quality outcomes and reducing unnecessary spending and utilization. We turn your patient data, collected from multiple sources, into actionable information. You will be able to identify non-compliant quality measures, engage high-risk patients, and discover areas of patient leakage.

Client Success

Patient-centered ACO saves $8.6 million leveraging Lightbeam's Population Health Solutions

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