Risk Stratification

Focus your care coordination resources on the right patients at the right time.

Once your clinical, social and claims data is up-to-date, aggregated, normalized and de-duped using Lightbeam’s Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) technology, our "Searchlight" engine assigns a risk level to each patient, identifing those who have the highest predicted resource utilization (costs) over the next 12 months. Additionally, our engine applies a second layer of risk stratification, Lightbeam’s proprietary algorithm technology, which will further segment the population to help prioritize care management efforts based around those patients who are most likely to respond to care.

Through more efficiently utilizing your care management resources, Searchlight will ensure your ability to effectively lower your costs of healthcare while improving the health of your patients by helping you focus on the specific patients that can tangibly be impacted through treatment and care plan intervention.

Our expertise in using discrete clinical data has allowed us to develop unparalleled depth and quality in our algorithms.

Lightbeam's Risk Stratification Features & Benefits:

  • Identifies patients with gaps in their care relative to evidence-based guidelines, quality measures, or other metrics
  • Predictive modeling focuses on patients with preventable high-cost events
  • Extensive suite of existing protocols and guidelines ready to use out of the box
  • Improve productivity of your Care Managers
  • Lower cost of healthcare by preventing high cost events

By effectively unifying claims and clinical data, Lightbeam can help revolutionize the way in which we manage our patient’s care and ultimately drive our ability to lower the cost of healthcare.