Our Solutions

Referral Management

For medical groups and payers who...

  • NEED to manage leakage, cost, and quality through better referral processes
  • WANT to maintain control without restricting the providers' ability to deliver high-quality care
Lightbeam's Referral Management solution makes referring easy and efficient by visually matching patients to the ideal provider based on 6 essential data points and automating communications between the initiator, recipient, and patient.

Unlike manual processes or disconnected tools that result in uninformed referrals, our solution utilizes an advanced technology platform, enterprise data warehouse, and experience building EHR and population health software over the last 35 years as the FOUNDATION to our 4 applications.


Building your network, patient–provider matching, scheduling at the time of care, referral management, and analytics all starts with accurate data. However, the challenge is accessing and aggregating that data. Our enterprise data warehouse transforms disparate clinical and claims data into actionable information that feeds your NetworkBUILDER.