Machine Learning

Identify Patients Who are at Risk of Chronic Diseases

Lightbeam offers an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Healthcare engine which incorporates machine and deep learning with clinical informatics to help providers, payers and patients transform the healthcare experience. Our dynamic AI engine enables providers to identify and manage patients who are at risk of common chronic diseases such as:


Identifying characteristics that predict near term or future diabetes

Cardiovascular Disease

Prediction and management of common cardiac diagnoses such congestive heart failure

Machine Learning allows for earlier clinical intervention and introduction to payers, health systems, physician groups, and community health programs to dramatically reduce future costs and generate additional revenue while improving quality of care for the patient.

Machine Learning Benefits

  • Prevent Future Costs Associated with Common Chronic Diseases
  • Boost Revenues Through Optimizing HCC Coding
  • Prevent Unnecessary Utilization
  • Improve Patient Quality of Life