Lightbeam HIE

Streamline clinical data across your healthcare community.

Lightbeam HIE

Lightbeam’s health information exchange (HIE) solution enables healthcare communities to exchange data from disparate systems to deliver providers the most comprehensive, up-to-date actionable patient information, resulting in better coordinated care, improved quality, and reduced costs.

As healthcare is evolving towards value-based models, medical communities are deploying HIEs to improve access to patient data. These organizations are forming on a local, state, or regional level. Our HIE product provides a highly scalable solution that enables providers, hospitals, health systems, states, and other communities to deliver a proven solution, Lightbeam HIE.

Security Management

Ability to define specific user roles responsible for patient access

Clinical Integration

Aggregates information across disparate clinical sources into a single solution

Master Patient Index

Customizable matching methods used to merge duplicate patient records

Benefits Include:

  • Augments population health platform enabling providers to have access to the most up to date patient data
  • Robust support for the most current standards and protocols, further enabling population health initiatives
  • Market leading EMPI solution supporting unique configurable patient matching models, resulting in improved productivity for record duplication remediation
  • Proven interoperability with market leading EHR solutions and other clinical and ancillary systems
  • Ability to deploy within the native provider EHR workflow, significantly increasing access to the most current clinical data at the point of care
  • Support for access to patient record images including X-rays, CT Scans, MRI, etc.
  • Interface simplification resulting in accelerated implementation timelines
  • Centrally manage patient consent and distribution
  • Highly scalable with the ability to deploy local, regional, and state HIE communities

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)

Health Level-7 (HL7)