GPRO Reporting

Submitting ACO Quality Measures just got a whole lot easier.

Lightbeam’s GPRO solution makes measure calculation and submission simple, saving you time, money, and helping improve your overall performance. Our GPRO module is for provider groups reporting on Accountable Care Organization (ACO) measures using the CMS GPRO web interface. For the 2016 program year, CMS will pre-populate the GPRO Web Interface with a sample patient population using 2016 claims data from Medicare Parts A and B.

Successful completion of the 18 Web Interface measures for the required number of patients will determine negative payment adjustment subjectivity and performance rates for the measures.

Lightbeam’s GPRO Reporting Solution includes:

  • A measures progress screen tracking all 18 measures, providing a summary and patient ranking view
  • The ability to measure progress by practice, provider, specialty and patient
  • A GPRO compliant XML file generator