Value Based Transformation

Exploring a transformation to value based environment or adopting an ACO model? Regardless of where you land on the decision to be an ACO or not, we're all headed toward a value based model regardless of any official identity as an ACO.

A Lightbeam assessment will enable visibility to your path for transformation. Our Subject Matter Expert partners actively operate an ACO led by a physician. If you value visibility from people who live what you will live in transforming to a value based model, let's connect. We will assess your organization's readiness, and as necessary, help design your strategy, and be there to help you execute implementation. Beat the curve, leverage proven methodology, and learn from our experience.

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Meet Paul. Paul leads a healthcare organization on the road of transformation to a value based delivery model providing the right care at the right time to the right people at a lower cost. The data tells a great story of better care at a lower cost including the following reductions:

  • Readmissions: 11%
  • Admissions: 13%
  • ED Visits: 5%
  • ED Visits to Admission: 14%
  • SNF: 12%
  • MRI Utilization: 4%
  • CT Utilization: 6%

To learn more about Paul's journey, watch his video.