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Case Study - Rio Grande Valley Health Alliance

Patient-centered ACO saves $8.6 million leveraging Lightbeam’s Population Health Solutions


Cohort Builder

One of the biggest challenges in managing population health is the conversion and delivery of actionable information to appropriate resources.

Cohorts enable organizations to divide populations into subgroups by attributes such as risk, cost, condition, and event (i.e. admission or discharge). Cohort analysis assists with the prioritization of need, giving clear guidance as to where care management and other efforts should be focused.

Lightbeam's cohort builder technology is an application which will help improve quality outcomes by segmenting patients in concentrated groups and automatically qualifying them to become enrolled in evidence-based care plans. The cohort builder allows providers with little or no coding experience to initiate complex queries against patient information. The Cohort Builder serves as the conduit between the Enterprise Data Warehouse and Tasking, Care Management and Patient Engagement.


  • Quick ROI: Less time wasted and less resources used to identify patient subgroups, improving workflow and patient outcomes.
  • Complete data: Quick insights to distinguish patients who are eligible to enroll in various programs such as Chronic Care Management (CCM).
  • Patient identification: Identify patients whose costs can be lowered by enrollment in appropriate evidence-based care plans.