Case Study - TEXOMA ACO

Physician-led ACO estimated to save more than $2 million in six months with Lightbeam Health Solutions



Lightbeam delivers the analytics and reporting necessary to achieve your clinical quality and financial objectives.

Our integrated platform proactively drives the workflow that enables immediate action to be taken against poorly performing metrics vs. benchmarks. Whether it's quality measure performance or cost overruns, Lightbeam's Analytics solution quickly identifies problems and allows you to drill down by geography, practice, or provider to uncover areas for improvement.

Combining clinical and claims data in our Enterprise Data Warehouse allows you to work with a single platform for all your clinical and financial reporting needs.

Quality Measure Optimization

Lightbeam’s quality measures analytics charts provide a total view of your organizations quality scores, per measure, per hierarchy unit, down to the patient level, which gives you a strategic advantage in actively targeting areas to improve each measures percentage. Not only will you have visibility in your quality measure performance across all constituents in your healthcare organization but Lightbeam also provides integrated workflow to make sure the appropriate care givers are aware of these open care gaps at the point of care. This is where we can truly improve your quality scores and ultimately improve the health of your population.

Real-time Reporting Includes:

  • ACO Measures
  • HEDIS Measures
  • PQRS Measures
  • Patient Analysis
  • COHC Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Utilization & Financial Analysis
  • Risk Stratification
  • Quality and HCC Gaps
  • Admission and Readmission rates
  • Physician Performance
  • Cost, Practice, PMPY by Diagnosis, Provider, Region
  • Ability to drill down to patient level