Risk Stratification

Focus your care coordination resources on the right patients at the right time.

Once your clinical, social and claims data is up-to-date, complete and normalized using Lightbeam’s Data Warehouse technology, our Searchlight engine assigns a risk level to each patient and identifies those with gaps in their care relative to evidence-based guidelines, ACO and HEDIS measures, or other metrics. Lightbeam’s patent-pending technology will even help identify those patients most likely to respond to care.

Our objective is not to simply assess patient priority on their historical cost of healthcare and risk, but to utilize our predictive algorithms to identify patients who have avoidable near-term admissions or emergency visits that can be avoided through corrective action. Through more efficiently utilizing your care management resources by focusing on the specific patients they can tangibly impact, our engine will ensure your ability to effectively lower your cost of healthcare while improving the health of your membership.

Our expertise in utilizing discrete clinical data has allowed us to develop unparalleled depth and quality in our algorithms. In addition to our extensive library, our intuitive user front-end will allow complex protocols to be added, modified or deleted from our “rule building dashboard. This provides tremendous flexibility to adjust to evolving care guidelines or unique research requirements.

Lightbeam Searchlight Features and Benefits:

  • Predictive modeling focuses on patients with preventable high-cost events
  • Extensive suite of existing protocols and guidelines ready to use out of the box
  • Easy-to-use rule building dashboard allows you to build your own guidelines
  • Improve productivity of your Care Managers
  • Lower cost of healthcare by preventing high cost events

By effectively unifying claims and clinical data, Lightbeam can help revolutionize the way in which we manage our patient’s care and ultimately drive our ability to lower the cost of healthcare.