Patient Engagement

Bad things can happen to patients who are not proactively managed. Chronically ill patients who don’t regularly see their physicians or take their medications often lead to emergency room visits or hospital admissions that could have been avoided.

Even patients who regularly visit their physician can have unexpected health problems.

On average, seniors visit their physicians 8 times a year which ultimately means they are responsible for the majority of their health care.

The relative health of a population is ultimately driven by the behavior of its patients. It is up to the patient whether they will take their medications, exercise, eat right, or visit their doctors when they should.

It is imperative that we have a window into patient behavior and have the ability to push real time recommendations to help them make healthy decisions. Lightbeam provides that access through its fully integrated platform.

Lightbeam’s Patient Engagement platform:

  • Reminds patients to take their medication
  • Automates prescription refill requests
  • Pushes down care plan content, diet and exercise reminders
  • Facilitates telemedicine visits with their primary care physician